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  • RTV Heat Resistant White Silicone Sealant

    RTV Heat Resistant White Silicone Sealant Advanced weatherproofing silicone sealant( special purpose for engineering) Characteristics: 1.One component, Neutral curing, mildew proof silicone sealant cured at room temperature. Easy to use. 2.Non- corrosive to most building material except copper. 3.Good adhesion to various building materials. 4.Color include clear (transparent), white ,grey, black or others color as per customer’s requirements. Main Purpose: 1.Bonding and waterproof sealing between glass, stone(marble, granite) , aluminum panel material. 2.Sealing for various windows and doors. Shelf Life: 9 months if keep sealing and stored below 27℃ in cool, dry place after the date of production.

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