Reasons for bulging of silicone sealant in autumn and winter


Reasons for bulging of silicone sealant in autumn and winter

There are many reasons for the foaming and blistering of silicone adhesive sealant, which are mainly based on the comprehensive effect of curing speed of weather resistant exterior sealant, ambient temperature and humidity, temperature difference on panel surface, glue joint width, panel material, shape and size

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Especially in winter, when the temperature difference is large, the rubber joint of exterior silicone caulk is easy to bulge, which is more prominent. Even if the size of the curtain wall is not very large, bulge may occur.

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Analyze the specific causes of outdoor silicone sealant according to the foaming phenomenon:

1. During construction, the uniformity of outdoor caulk injection is not well mastered, the thickness is small, and the outdoor silicone sealant that provides high displacement capacity has relatively low hardness. During construction, it carries air, and the tension of compressed air makes the external waterproof sealant  bulge slowly.

2. During glue injection of best caulk for exterior windows and doors or when the glue is not dry, when the sun is exposed or the temperature is too high, honeycomb bubbles appear in the glue with high temperature; In addition, the surface of the substrate will also be foamed according to the large temperature difference between day and night, the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the interface, large displacement, or repeated expansion and contraction.

3. If the exterior silicone caulk is injected when the interface is wet under wet or low temperature conditions, especially in rainy days, when the temperature rises, the exterior silicone is not fully cured, and the water in the glue seam evaporates, it will cause blistering of the glue at the same time, and the curing degree of the glue is not enough.

To solve the bulging phenomenon, the panel material, size, shape and glue joint size should be considered in the design. Finally, during the construction of external silicone sealant, corresponding measures can be taken to adjust according to the environmental temperature and weather changes.

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